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Just some good ol' fucking myself after a night out... it was the same night i watched my friend get fucked by a dude during a party. They slinked upstairs and I followed them and watched, and fingered my friend a bit., and i guess maybe their horniness rubbed off on me. So i come home, and without even taking my clothes off, (i was wearing jeans, a tank top and a beanie/hat/tuke) i fuck myself hard sitting in my new desk chair, begging to get fucked by real dick over and over. Asking if you wanna see me get fucked by real cocks,... i fuck myself in doggie too. I dunk that cock inside my little gaped pussy hole too and slap my pussy. i felt like a real pornstar when i did that. I spank my pussy a bunch and just enjoy the fuck out of it. Thanks fr reading

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