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MissWhitneyMorgan-ManyVids-Wedgies,Cat Fighting,Panty Fetish,Ass Fetish,Butts,SFW

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Jenny Jett is notorious for stealing her coworker's lunches in the breakroom.. afterall, if your name isn't on it.. it's fair game? Or if it's just too tasty and tempting for her tastebuds like Terra Mizu's lunch in this case. Unfortunately she picked the wrong time to savor some stolen snacks and is caught crumb covered by Terra. Terra is INFURIATED! Terra grabs Jenny at the breakroom table, THROWS her over it and gives her cotton panties a nice big TUG right up her ass crack! Jenny tries to escape but Terra's grip is too good, giving her a wedgie she won't forget, as Terra hoists her bouncing ass up on the company breakroom table, Jenny's legs struggling in the air. But giving her a moment to pick that wedgy out of her ass was the wrong idea.. Jenny spins Terra around slamming her against the breakroom fridge, yanking her full back panties up her ass, splitting her ass crack and bounching buttcheeks as she wedgies her with her whole arm hoisting those panties up until the threads tear. Both struggle it out, catfighting with panties in hand, wedgy wrestling til they tap out and Jenny promises to never steal another lunch again..!

Includes: wedgies, wedgy, panties, panty fetish, ass fetish, bouncing booty, full back panties, cotton panties, clothes destruction, coworkers, at work, glasses.

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